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Commited with environmental preservation.

At EL CAMARON DORADO we are commited with sustainable development.

We work in areas where we do not affect regional flora or fauna, establishing farms in places with unfertile soils, which are very appropriate for production purposes.

A constant factor is not using chemical products; thus, we achieve a 100% natural growth in shrimp. Another of the advantages of only harvesting aquaculture shrimp is not affecting endangered marine animal species such as turtles and dolphins.

EL CAMARON DORADO is a brand that conquers new markets day by day, based on state-of-the-art technology throughout all stages, from shrimp larvae, through feeding and reproduction, until shrimp are at your table.

We guarantee that each Mexican white shrimp on your table is a quality shrimp if it is the EL CAMARON DORADO brand.