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  • Shrimp 20 shrimps
  • Oil 4 soupspoons
  • Green bell pepper ½ a bell pepper
  • Onion ½ an onion
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Open the back of the raw peeled shrimp; make a small incision in the body and insert the tail of another shrimp into it. Continue doing so until you have completed the rose with approximately 5 shrimps per person. Season with salt and pepper. Heat skillet and add a soupspoon of oil; sauté onion and bell pepper that has been previously cut into long thin strips. Remove from heat. Then, add rest of oil and place rose in skillet. Leave rose in skillet for 3 minutes and then, turn. Cover skillet for a few minutes while shrimps finish cooking. If you decide to cook on the grill, place uncut vegetables on the grill and cut them afterwards.

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