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  • Shrimp 24 shrimps
  • Sliced onion ½ onion
  • Red, yellow & green bell peppers (optional)
  • Bacon 8 strips
  • Oil 2 soupspoons
  • Butter 2 soupspoons
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Cut back of shrimps lengthwise, almost in half, so that the back of one shrimp can be inserted into the tail portion of another shrimp and so on, until shrimps have been rolled into “medallions”. Once this has been completed, wrap each medallion with two bacon strips and attach with toothpicks. Warm skillet and add a bit of butter and oil to prevent butter from burning; place medallions in skillet, fry and turn medallions. With the help of tongs, turn medallions, so bacon can brown all around. Once medallions are ready, serve on a bed of vegetables sautéed in a bit of oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

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